Thursday, 29 December 2011

On The Road: Recipie - Kristen's "Mean" Apple Pie... packing punch with pastry!


Back in her interview with Harpers Bazaar for their December 2009 issue, Kristen said how she makes "really good pie. Apple pie — it's the best."

How could I resist the urge to bake one for our On The Road read-a-long?  Especially as Sal just got to the heart of the midwest where he "ate apple pie and ice cream - it was getting better as I got deeper into Iowa, the pie bigger, the ice cream richer".

Now, I'm not going to be so ambitious as to make my own ice-cream (yet) especially as making my own pastry is challenge enough - I wouldn't judge you for using ready-made here - I usually make apple crumbles so I can trick myself into thinking it's healthier due to the oats :)

I'm working from a friend's tried and tested recipe, with which she won a competition back in the day and has been baking ever since.  To give it that "mean" feel I'm adding an extra squeeze of lemon (must be all that fan fic) and feel free to throw in an extra apple or two if you're feeling particularly Iowanian ;)

Friday, 23 December 2011

On The Road: Part One, Chapter Three - who is this guy?

Apologies for the delay in Chapter Three this week, KLiters (*snort* just realized how wrong that sounds - new name suggestions in the comments please) holidays 'n' all!

LettieLou and I have been reading away as usual, as well as updating the On The Road playlist and baking NYC Cream Cakes - I'm beyond proud they actually look and tasted (note, past tense) really pretty yummy :)

So, let's jump right back on in, shall we?  Our boy, Sal's really starting to make some progress at this point - let's join him in the passenger seat with the window wound down and the warm breeze blowing in our hair - rolling along, on the road...

Read along with us HERE

Chapter summary:

After his earlier set-backs, Sal finally makes it to Chicago, which to him is the first of many obstacles on his route to San Fransico; he blows through almost as soon as he's arrived.  
Meeting up with Eddie, we find ourselves with them amongst the ten-gallon hat wearers, apple-pie eaters and everyday hard workers of America's heart lands.
Sal either sleeps through or watches it all speed by from the window of a vehicle, letting one opportunity for experience pass him by after another.
Hopefully he'll open his eyes to the dream he's living soon...

Breaking it down - an excerpt:

LettieLou: I love this chapter because he FINALLY starts to meet some characters

Lorabell: nod

LettieLou: who, besides the land, are the stars of this book

Lorabell: i love the guys with the big 10 gallon cowboy hats

LettieLou: LOL! me too!

Lorabell: oooooooh, love that - the land is SO a character

LettieLou: thanks. :)

Lorabell: but even though it is vast in geography and diversity, there is a uniting thread that runs throughout
like the Missisippi...

LettieLou: YES
he even says that...
when he describes the people
he talks about how these men could be from any town

Lorabell: YES

LettieLou: (page 13 for those reading along)
"I walked, after a few cold beers, to the edge of town, and it was a long walk. All the men were driving home from work, wearing railroad hats, baseball has, all kinds of hats, just like after work in any town anywhere"

Lorabell: mhmm
he wants it all "now"
dude, look around

LettieLou: like he doesn't want to be left out

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

On The Road: Recipe - NYC Cream Cakes... I bake therefore I blog :)

Beatnik Breakfast in New York, late 1950s. L-R: Larry Rivers, Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso (back of head), David Amram, Allen Ginsburg - via source

I'm not one for usually documenting my culinary "creations" - I more usually bake on a whim - that is to say, when I've been given a foodie idea that I just can't get out of my head until I eat it... in Kristen's Lit case, this is looking to become a regular occurrence :)

In Part One, Chapter One of On The Road, Jack (Kerouac) writes about eating "glazed cakes and cream puffs" with Dean and Marylou when they first arrive in New York.

As homage to this, I decided that NYC Cream Cakes were top of our "Stew's Cooking" list!

What makes them "NYC" style, similar to NY Cheesecake, is that I've added cream cheese to otherwise standard plain cream filling.

The cakes themselves are adjusted from a tested recipe I researched at the JoyOfBaking... I'm glazing them just so they fit in better with our story ;)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

On the Road: Part One, Chapter Two - He wore what?

Hello fellow Scholars (and Stewsessors),

So... Chapter Two. Are you still with us? Good! Want to come along for the ride? Excellent! Hop in the car and read with us here.

Chapter summary:

Our narrator is invited on an adventure of a lifetime by a college friend. He is excited and has dreams of the greatest grandeur. Ill prepared (in every way) and hopeful, he sets out on, what he thinks, is the perfect route.
Through inclement weather and the advice of strangers with whom he hitches a ride, he realizes that he may need to change his plans. A bit. Still hopeful that if he reaches Chicago everything will be ok, he curses his own stupidity and hops on a bus bound for the Windy City.

Breaking it down - an excerpt:

Lorabell: agreed, he has such "stars" in his eyes almost
grass is greener, etc

LettieLou: I love how he takes his tone from so hopeful with this grand plan and his piddly $50... to "just get me to Chicago. I don't care"

Lorabell: but that just demonstrates his continued lack of reality
just blow off most of his only savings after one day of set-backs because you were unprepared?
dude, it's a wonder you survive at that rate

LettieLou: Seriously... just you wait...

Lorabell: no spoilers!

LettieLou: I get frustrated with him... (NONE I SWEAR!)

Lorabell: frustrated?

LettieLou: Yes, like... "Don't blow your money now!"

Lorabell: oh totally

LettieLou: "What are you thinking with those shoes?"
I'm too practical

Lorabell: hahaha
but if you're setting off into the great unknown you need to be fucking practical
just because Dean and Carlo are apparently having a great time

Neal Cassady (left) and Jack Kerouac (right)

Monday, 12 December 2011

On The Road: Part One, Chapter One - Breaking it down, chatting it up

As a first read, we Kristen's Lit Girls agreed that On The Road was the place to start.

Not only are we stoked to see the film finally release in 2012, but LettieLou actually wrote her dissertation on Kerouac's scroll and I... well I just have a thing about reading the books before watching the movies!

Call me OCD - I'm largely inclined to agree with you - but mostly I just think it's respectful to the story :)

So... road trip, anyone?

Go HERE to read along with On The Road

Chapter summary:

On The Road opens as with our protagonist recalling his first memories of Dean, our supporting character who was "actually born on the road".
Dean arrives for the first time in New York with his new (and occasional) wife, MaryLou and we're hit with his high energy and inconstant focus.
Dean meets his match in Carlo before returning to the road with our hero quick to follow in his footsteps wanting "to know Dean more" and experience what his wanderlust entices...

Breaking it down - an excerpt:

Lorabell: Speaking of, we're introduced to MaryLou in chapter 1. Now, I've read Kristen saying something like how she realized that MaryLou wasn't this two-dimensional character she could have been played as and when I say "realize" I don't mean "came to think" but "made happen" as it were.

LettlieLou: Yeppo. His intro of characters is genius. He sets the tone for them ALL in this first chapter.
The majors anyway. He gives you a sense of them right off the bat. With a line. A word.
Not just what they look like.

LettlieLou: I got the impression from her that she really GOT Marylou

Lorabell: And of course all these characters, no matter how briefly we meet them, were people with lives and backgrounds and hopes and flaws.

LettlieLou: True. And I think it's fascinating to see them through Kerouac's eyes.

Lorabell: But because we DO meet them so briefly, I could see how it would be too easy for the performances of some to come off flat.

Lorabell: And especially with MaryLou who's almost a supportive role, a translation to screen could be shallow. 

LettlieLou: I think even though we get a brief glimpse here, he is so brilliant in how he weaves them into the tapestry of the entire story. Like he wants to give them the credit in the story for the profound effect they had on his life. No matter how brief

Sunday, 4 December 2011


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