Thursday, 9 February 2012

On The Road Playlist

Music inspired by Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" as selected by your very own Kristen's Lit Gals. Read along with us and listen to the selections. You just might feel a little cooler, man...

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

On the Road: Part 1, Chapter 6 - Bromance cooling down in Denver

He's finally arrived!

Well, hello fellow K'Liters! 
Where have we been, you ask? Well, all I can say is that it's difficult for two friends who live in two different time zones on two different continents who have two very different work schedules to coordinate this shizz but we make it happen because we love it. ;)  And because you guys are awesome!  
Stick with us, won't you? We won't let you down. We promise. 

Lorabell and I chatting this up today was quite an interesting conversation. Sometimes we do our best work under pressure and with the shortest chapters. This one is no exception. 

There was some good "extra" stuff that was edited out of the official discussion but let's just say Stew's photo shoots were involved. Gah, I love a good debate! 
Just wait till we get some of you guys involved in the weekly chat. You'll see what kind of Stew Induced Crazy you miss out on... ;)

Gah. Ded. I couldn't resist. [LB note: woman, I'm surprised you didn't embed the BTS video :p]
Time to see if our guy Sal has found Dean... Without further adieu...

Exes and Ohs,

Chapter Summary:

Sal has finally arrived in his precious Denver and seeks out his old pal, Chad King. Chad (along with some other old pals) have separated themselves from the other side of the group (namely Dean and Carlo). Sal feels this is some type of social war caused by Dean's unsavory upbringing but seems quite content to be in the middle. And he's still desperately seeking Dean.

Breaking it down - an excerpt:

Lorabell: it's a small lyric, but so many of his are like that - simplistic isn't the same as simple - little things, said in the most direct way, can mean so much more

LettieLou: i think that's why i adore kerouac... he does that exact thing...

Lorabell: and I think that Kerouac's writing, although descriptive, doesn't become unnecessarily wordy - it says just enough and just exactly what he means and it takes you there - really YOU, not just any reader but you overlay your own memories to his

LettieLou: Page 38... "He still had his old office over a garage down the street- the rolltop desk was still there, together with the dusty papers of past excitement and moneymaking." that last sentence, to me, is the perfect example of that. my mind can go a thousand places with that one sentence.

Lorabell: I can see it, totally but at the same time as thinking of my Dad's desk from childhood

LettieLou: my papaw's too! LOL! he doesn't have to go on for an entire paragraph about the way the desk looked...

Lorabell: no, exactly - it's precise without being lacking

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