Friday, 20 January 2012

On The Road: Part 1, Chapter 5 - is there something in your pocket or are you just happy to head West?

Hello again, KLiters!

LettieLou and I are so stoked that Kristen and Kerouac fans alike are joining in with our read/groove/bake along :)

Please do let us know your comments on the book as well as any songs that you think would be just perfect for the soundtrack or any of our recipes that you've tried...

Down the road a bit (ha) we're hoping to invite guest commenters to take part in our breakdown, where you'll get to join in on the behind-the-scenes chat (and see what random tangent hilarity gets edited out of posts for our own good - trust).  Eventually, we'd love to turn this into regular group chat-room discussions - like our own online Beatnik Bootcamp!

Ya dig, Daddy-o?

- Lorabell

Chapter Summary:

After finally seeming to settle into his journey, Sal reverts to being immaturely impatient with his experience, once again yearning for Denver and his friends Dean and Carlo.  Failed attempts at hitting on nameless, faceless girls and empty extravagances with booze leave him sick and tired and dreaming of greener grass...

Breaking it down - an excerpt:

Lorabell: dude's got a pair of ill-advised balls

LettieLou: he doesn't give a shit

Lorabell: why should he? he's off to denver

to denver!!!

Lorabell: and driving in a truck full of dudes for however long would likely make you need a woman
hence why he moves straight onto that blonde bit

LettieLou: great segway

Lorabell: and everything in him is "pointing" at her - ha!
*bows* thanks

LettieLou: BUT

Lorabell: ?

LettieLou: even that seems disappointing to him
not enough, ya know?

Lorabell: true
she's kinda meh
and her friend isn't attractive

LettieLou: if dean isn't involved, it's not good enough

Lorabell: he's already checked out

LettieLou: *snaps*

Lorabell: what is WITH his mancrush on Dean?

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

On The Road: Recipe - Sal's Road-Side Sliders (or Kristen's "Double Double" Burgers)

Kristen's always been a meat-eater after my own heart - pun not intended - I remember her saying to PopEater "I think I could have eaten 16 double double burgers in a day" during filming of The Yellow Handkerchief.

So how could I resist cooking up some sliders to coincide with Part 1, Chapter 4 of our On The Road read-along? Especially as they're oh so easy to make as well as Sal getting deep into the American mid-west, home of red-meat eaters:

"We all shambled after them to a restaurant run by a bunch of women, and sat around over hamburgers and coffee while they wrapped away enormous meals just as if they were back in their mother's kitchen."

Sounds tasty :)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

On the Road: Part One, Chapter Four - wanna ride?

Hello friends and fellow Kerouac fans! Happy New Year to you and yours. Hopefully your holidays were as fun and busy as ours!

It's been busy times around KL. Our very own Lorabell has been busy as a Stew loving bee baking up some delicious Mean Apple Pie. Check it out. Oh, and if you make any our recipes or have any suggestions, let us know!  I've also added a new tune or two to the On The Road playlist. Listen along and get inspired.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for reading along with us and for your awesome participation! It makes us super happy! Stew would love it (we think...)!

Let's go on with it; shall we? Let's see who Sal gets to encounter on the road... It's going to be an interesting, ah, ride...

Exes and Ohs...

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You gotta double-pump the clutch ;)

Chapter Summary: 
Our guy Sal is getting ready to take the "ride of his life" hitching a ride on the back of a flatbed truck driven by two cornfed farmboys. They don't discriminate against who they pick up and so Sal encounters some of the coolest cats west of the Mississippi. He becomes attached to some members of this rag tag group and has a few laughs along the way. Ever hopeful, he has his precious Denver in his sights.

Breaking it down - an excerpt:

Lorabell: of course!
but his interactions with characters are more than fleeting glances here
we get to sit and chill with them for a bit

LettieLou: he loves them
he attaches to them

Lorabell: even if still briefly

LettieLou: like he might actually miss them

Lorabell: yup, he’s sad to see them go

LettieLou: exactly
his descriptions of the characters come to life more here. it's actually nice to not only hear about one or two people.

Lorabell: the story its-self is coming to live here - it's funny
trying to take a leak off the back of a truck...

LettieLou: oh god i know!
and i love how he said he did it "just fine" before

Lorabell: and the two drivers with their big smiles
zigzagging all over the road

LettieLou: can't you just see them??
i can feel the wind whizzing around my hair