Tuesday, 17 January 2012

On The Road: Recipe - Sal's Road-Side Sliders (or Kristen's "Double Double" Burgers)

Kristen's always been a meat-eater after my own heart - pun not intended - I remember her saying to PopEater "I think I could have eaten 16 double double burgers in a day" during filming of The Yellow Handkerchief.

So how could I resist cooking up some sliders to coincide with Part 1, Chapter 4 of our On The Road read-along? Especially as they're oh so easy to make as well as Sal getting deep into the American mid-west, home of red-meat eaters:

"We all shambled after them to a restaurant run by a bunch of women, and sat around over hamburgers and coffee while they wrapped away enormous meals just as if they were back in their mother's kitchen."

Sounds tasty :)

So, for this recipe you will need...

1 packet of lean mince-beef
2 slices of bread, crumbed
2 eggs
1/2 a small (red) onion
Worcester sauce

Chedder cheese
Buns (optional)

To make the burgers:

  • Preheat the grill to medium setting
  • "Finely" dice the onion and place in an oiled pan with a sprinkling of salt to tenderize

  • Combine the beef, bread crumbs (substitute gluten free if preferable), eggs and a good dash (up to a tablespoon to taste) of Worcester sauce
  • Add in the cooked onions (once cooled to touch) and rest for five minutes to let the flavours disperse

  • Mould into small palm sized patties and place under the grill, turned to low-medium heat for five to seven minutes

To garnish:
  • Turn over and place on sliced cheese for another two to three minutes
  • Add pickle (place into toasted buns if so desired) and, if you're like me, add a hefty squeeze of ketchup

To eat:
  • At a late night counter with a strong cup of diner coffee... spiked with whiskey

Makes 9-12 small slider patties or 4-6 "double double" Kristen style ;)

I bet food in Denver is going to be delicious!

 - Lorabell

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