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Welcome to Kristen's Lit...

The blog dedicated to reading, discussing and breaking down the literature beloved by our favorite actress (and recommending some of our own along the way!)

Trip along with us as we delve into the literary selections themselves; enhanced by musical playlists, recipes, photos and even Kristen's own quotes/thoughts on the various topics.

This site was born out of a Transatlantic conversation between two friends who share a love of literature and (even more importantly) Kristen Stewart... As they chatted over their first selection, they asked "Do we dare? Can it work? Will there be others as nerdy as we?" The answer was a resounding "YES!" and thus, Kristen's Lit was born.

LettieLouStew (Founder, Music Editor and Resident Kristen's Lit Hillbilly) hales from The Bluegrass State. She adores travel, having spent time in NYC and lived in London for a summer in college (which was amazing).  Her loves include reading awesome books, cooking, musical theatre, watching The Food Network, meeting new people and discovering music no one else has heard of...  This blog gives her the chance to actually (sort of...) use her American Literature and Creative Writing Degrees she earned so tirelessly in college. She is currently working on her first novel and trying to figure out how she and Stew could be "real life besties." She's open to suggestions.

Lorabell (Founder, Food Editor, Geek-Chic Tech and Resident Kristen's Lit Brit) lives in her native London after years in NYC and Vancouver. Having cut her blogging teeth over at TwiCrack Addict, she has also written for various other pop culture sites. Taking the scenic route to her career in production - via MSc in Media-tropolis with a stop at BA Design-ton - she is an avid reader who also fills her time baking, painting, gigging, drinking tea and/or whiskey as well as kicking ass first and taking names later at pub quizzes... in short, living the life of a KStew loving legend!

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