Monday, 26 March 2012

On The Road: Part 1, Chapter 7 - onesome, twosome, threesome, foursome?

AAAAAAAAARGH!!!   It's an On The Road overload!

And I like it ;)

After the trailer was FINALLY released (unf, just how awesome is it?!) now there are new pics and posters and I so can't wait to finally see this flick - but we get into that a little further down the "scroll" (*ten Kerouac points to me*).

In other news, our apologies for the delay in this post - boring things like work and time zones sometimes keep us from getting our OTR on... collectively at least, we're always rocking like KStew solo ;)

And here we go...

- Lorabell x

Chapter summary:

So with Sal finally arriving in Denver, he's anxious for a long awaited reunion with Dean and Carlo... who, not surprisingly, have been occupied with elsewhere: with women; and themselves.
Dean's juggling MaryLou, Camille and at least a third woman... not to mention Carlo's man crush.  When Dean's not hopping beds, the two cats fan their own egos!
What will Sal do now?

Breaking it down - an excerpt:

LettieLou:  Well, let me start by saying...
LettieLou:  DEAN
Lorabell:  (and his enormous schlong?)
LettieLou: and his "schedule"
Lorabell: schedule - so close
that's to come
pun intended
Lorabell:  bam!
LettieLou:  (note to the reader: we're not normally so filthy)
Lorabell:  (psh, not in the final edit)
LettieLou: I think this chapter gives us the first REAL glimpse of Dean
and what's important to him
Lorabell:  he is SUCH a MAN WHORE
LettieLou:  worse... a sneaky and calculated man whore
Lorabell:  now, I know it was the beginning of that era, etc
but EXACTLY, so calculated
LettieLou:  he knows how to get what he wants
master manipulator
LettieLou:  because marylou is NOT STUPID
Lorabell:  but i don't think he's that "smart" - he's just charming
LettieLou:  though she's going to appear it for awhile
Lorabell:  word, she totes has the upper hand that way
LettieLou:  oh and she does...

Friday, 9 March 2012

Holy KStew! HD "On the Road" Trailer!!!

Check out the LONG awaited trailer for Walter Salles' EVEN LONGER film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" below:


Be sure to follow the movie official Twitter and FaceBook :D

All for now! Stay tuned for our discussion of Chapter 7 of "On the Road."

Loving MaryLouStew,
LettieLou ;)